a breakthrough event is on the horizon
a breakthrough event is on the horizon


We are so excited to announce we are hosting our very FIRST CELLULAR HEALING CONFERENCE!  The US Cellular Healing Summit: Redefining Your Health is now open for Pre-Sale!

Guaranteed, this is like nothing you have ever experienced before. We are so honored and privileged to have Dr. Raymond Hilu, the leading cellular biologist in all of the world, as one of our key note speakers!! He’s coming all the way from Marbella, Spain and he’s so excited to be with us!! Scroll down for more details on the itinerary!

Space is limited!  SUPER early bird tickets are going on Sale January 15th. Bundle packages including the Mastering Your Health Online Course will be available at a discounted rate.

What you can expect:

  • An in-depth understanding of “WHAT IS” Cellular Health
  • Q & A with Dr. Raymond Hilu, Andrea Thompson and special guests
  • How to identify and address the “ROOT CAUSE” of sickness and disease
  • Incredible tools and resources that are pivotal in transforming your health
  • Powerful teaching on spiritual and emotional health
  • Incredible “Healthy Living” Vendors
  • VIP Opportunity to attend a private gathering with Dr. Raymond Hilu and our entire team


saturday, march 28th 2020

8:00am – Registration Opens

8:30am – Event Doors Open

9:00am-11:30am– SESSION 1

11:30-1:00PM – LUNCH

1:00PM-3:30pm – PANEL + SESSION 2

3:30pm-3:50pm – BREAK

3:50-5:00pm – SESSION 3

5:00pm-7:00pm – DINNER BREAK



MARCH 28TH, 2020



IRVINE, CA 92612

(800) 228-9290



dr. raymond hilu

Dr. Raymond Hilu is the leading cellular biologist in all the world, a scientist and a medical doctor. He holds a degree in medicine and surgery, specializing in cellular medicine. He has extensive training with various health disciplines:

  • Clinical Nutrition in England
  • Embryo implants and stem cell surgery at the University of Viena (Austria)
  • Cellular microscopy at clinics in EEUU England and Holland
  • Podiatry (subspecialty in foot surgery) in Monterrey-Mexico.

Dr. Hilu is the only scientific collaborator trained by Dr. Johanna Budwig herself. Dr. Budwig was nominated 7 times for a Nobel Prize for her work and contribution for research carried out on classifying fatty acids in flaxseed oil and other foods. After Dr. Johanna Budwig passed away, Dr. Raymond Hilu became her only intellectual heir.  He then continued her work by developing and expanding the initial investigation with fatty acids turning it into the biggest worldwide reference. Besides obtaining various awards for his research, Dr. Hilu has instructed various doctors and scientists, all over the world, in the fatty acid protocol, the Mediterranean diet field and on clinical nutrition.

Dr. Hilu collaborates with various laboratories throughout different countries where he continues developing work on his investigations in the fatty acid field as well as health and orthomolecular supplementation. 

andrea thompson

Andrea is a speaker, author, health advocate, consultant and cancer overcomer. She holds a degree in Physical Therapy, Certified in Food Psychology and working on becoming a board certified Integrative Health Practitioner. Andrea’s business has an international reach. She has an exclusive relationship with the lead cellular biologist in all of the world, Dr. Raymond Hilu. Their partnership allows her to offer blood cell analysis to clients who are suffering from terminal illnesses as well as those interested in preventative health. She puts out weekly blogs to educate her followers as well as host conferences with influencial medical practitioners, physicians and specialists from all over the world. Many have been healed of cancer and other life threatening diseases after completing these natural health interventions. Her passion and priority is to raise awareness of natural health options and inflict change in the current healthcare system. Above all else, she is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother and currently resides in Redding CA.




Nicole Rowan is the founder of the Orange County Womens Conference, Church planter,  author of Kingdom Daughters, and itinerant speaker.  She thrives in equipping, empowering and encouraging people in their true potential. Nicole is known as an advocate for health, wholeness and Gospel truth in Orange County.  She approaches health by addressing physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.  You can hear from her on her podcast where she speaks openly about all things life. Nicole currently resides in southern California with her husband, Perris, and their three children, Roarik, Rosella, Radshak…….and another one on the way!